The next generation online PCB file submission system which will drastically reduce the labour for the process from uploading to making a quotation.
4 features that will raise your
contract rate.
1 Online data viewer
Both client and the supplier can see the artwork accurately visualized with vector graphics on web browser. Since it automatically solves the problems with difference of description style, it previews any gerber data precisely no matter which CAD it was created by.
2 Online data inspection
The system automatically inspects if the submitted data meets the manufacturer’s standard, and instantly points out errors so the client can correct them. This function will reduce the data correction process between the client and the supplier.
3 Verify the match of data with quotation
Connecting to the quotation DB, the system automatically inspects if the contents in the uploaded data match the quotation.
4 Quotation assistance from the PCB data
Based on the uploaded data, PCB Checker assists the client to fill out a quotation form quickly.
Exclusive Feature
The vector graphics preview which stay clear even when enlarged.
The viewer previews the artwork in vector graphics. Unlike raster graphics that is usually used for PCB inspection, vector graphics stay smooth and sharp when enlarged. Even the narrow intervals between fine lines are easy to see and can be checked accurately.
Attract your clients with the stress-free
uploading & quotation system.
With the automated system accessible online, data check and correction process between you and your clients will be drastically reduced. Your clients will be happy to order from you because of the fast and smooth ordering process.
Data Security
PCB Chekcer is equipped with the following three security measures that protect your clients’ precious data and information.
- Secure connection with HTTPS
- Two-step verificaation to prevent spoofing
- Create a zip file locked with a passcode
Customization of PCB Chekcer is available to fit to your business needs or to work with your existing system. Addition or removal of functions by request is also available.
About PCB.Tokyo

Electronic circuits, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and semiconductors, which are indispensable for the operation of electronic devices, are important to support modern society.

PCB.Tokyo is a software solution vendor specializing in the electronic circuit industry. With unique vector graphics technology which is provided by Baby Universe (the parent company), we solve problems and obstacles that are bottlenecks in fabrication.

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